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I am a PhD student at the Interactive Computing Experiences Research Cluster of Excellence (ICE). I got a Master of Science in Computer Science from University of Central Florida (UCF) and a Bachelor's degree also in Computer Science from (ESPOL).

My research interest is on pen and touch based computing, 3D user interfaces and mixed reality. I am specially focused on how to best use augmented reality for intelligent tutoring systems.

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agile SLAM


[FORTHCOMING] Williamson, B.M.; Vargas González, A.N.; Garrity, P.; Sottilare, R.; LaViola, J.J.; AgileSLAM: A Localization Approach for Agile Head Movements in Augmented Reality. ISMAR 2018, 6 pages [POSTER]

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Vargas González, A.N.; Kapalo, K.; Koh, S.L.; LaViola, J.J. Exploring the Virtuality Continuum for Complex Rule-Set Education in the Context of Soccer Rule Comprehension. Multimodal Technologies Interact. 2017, 1, 30. Featured by BBC Click

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Vargas, A., Williamson, B., LaViola, J., Sottilare, R., “Authoring Augmented Reality Scenarios for Intelligent Tutoring Systems with GIFT”, 2017, Proceedings of the 5 th Annual GIFT Users Symposium (GIFTSym)

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Vargas González A.N., Taranta E.M., LaViola J.J. (2017) Sketch Based Interaction Techniques for Chart Creation and Manipulation. In: Hammond T., Adler A., Prasad M. (eds) Frontiers in Pen and Touch. Human–Computer Interaction Series. Springer, Cham

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Penny Pincher

Eugene M. Taranta, Andrés N. Vargas, Joseph J. LaViola, Streamlined and accurate gesture recognition with Penny Pincher, Computers & Graphics, Volume 55, 2016, Pages 130-142, ISSN 0097-8493,

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Eugene M. Taranta, II, Andrés N. Vargas, Spencer P. Compton, and Joseph J. Laviola, Jr.. 2016. A Dynamic Pen-Based Interface for Writing and Editing Complex Mathematical Expressions With Math Boxes. ACM Trans. Interact. Intell. Syst. 6, 2, Article 13 (July 2016), 25 pages. DOI:


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Vargas, A., Chiluiza, K., "Usability of a multimedia information system on a diy low-cost multi-touch screen" ESPOL 2010.

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Vargas, A., LaViola, J. "SketChart: A Pen-Based Tool for Chart Generation and Interaction", UCF 2014.


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SoccerMatchVR USSoccer

Hackathon - Find players with skills most similar to yours or simply scout players with characteristics that fit your needs.

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3dsnap SwampHacksIV

Hackathon - Upgrade your memories to a new dimension, keep track of objects, enjoy moments as if you would be there again.

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Google Summer of Code

Develop a matplotlib backend for Kivy and ink-processing algorithms

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RoboCup2D final third

A new policy was developed to make players learn to score using HyperNEAT evolving Artificial Neural Networks weights and topologies.

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NBCUniversal Hackathon

Augmented reality application for entertainment, holes are imposed over a planar surface and the objective is to aim to these holes with a soccer ball.

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Jedi Training

Assignment in which the objective was to master the force, lightning and lightsaber use.

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Virtual Shop

Exploratory analysis about e-commerce solutions on virtual environments.

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3D Gesture recognition

Reduce the svm time to classify gestures by selecting the best features and training them in pairs.

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3x3 Puzzle solver

Assignment to solve 3x3 puzzles using best first algorithm.

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Gramatical Parser

Recursive transition network to parse english sentences.

Web apps developed

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Administration CES

Administration site for Government purposes.

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Touristic website about wonderful places to visit in Ecuador.

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Hand made hats for sale.